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Liquidation Advice

Is your Company or Close Corporation experiencing cashflow problems?

Are you battling to pay your creditors?

Have you explored different financing options and nothing seems to be working out?


How I can Help

Are you considering liquidating your Company or Close Corporation and need advice?

If you are unsure whether you need to go to Court to obtain a Court Order placing the Company or Close Corporation into liquidation or whether you need to register a special resolution with the Registrar of Companies and Close Corporations, contact me for a practical discussion that includes the following:

The different liquidation options

The procedures to follow

Guidelines for the completion of documents

Assistance with the completion of documents

Lodging of the documents with the Registrar of
    Companies and Close Corporations

Referring the matter to a Liquidator who will
    ensure that the administration progresses



Liquidation is a traumatic experience for any director/shareholder or member.

I will assist you in order to help to smooth the process and advise you of your rights and duties. This, in turn, will assist the appointed Liquidator in winding up the Estate and creditors will then be assured that all the assets are accounted for and distributed as fairly as possible.

Taking the first step to liquidating your Company or Close Corporation is not an easy decision and the consequences of making incorrect choices with regards to the handling of the process up to liquidation can be severe.

I have 10 years experience in the liquidation industry and have seen the difficulties caused when the commencement of the liquidation has not been handled correctly. This results in the winding up process taking longer to complete than necessary, places added strain on creditors who are not seeing results, and makes the process more difficult for the appointed Liquidator who battles to obtain information or has to waste costs in order to locate assets. This in turn places additional strain on the director/shareholder or member.

Additional Services


I also offer secretarial services with regards to shareholder / director agreements, minutes, changes to the CM27, CM29 and CM42.


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